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Zahlreiche Deutschlerner und Firmen innerhalb und außerhalb Deutschlands nutzen das Angebot von LanguageStore. Lesen hier, was diese Nutzer am Angebot und an den Leistungen von LanguageStore am meisten überzeugt hat.

Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle an alle Kunden, die mit ihrem Feedback dazu beitragen, den Unterricht und Service permanent zu verbessern.


Marc, July 06, 2021 

Extremely helpful and friendly, Has tons of material to help with exactly what you need and gives great feedback and tips on how to improve


Hussien, July 01, 2021

He is always to the point. Never waste time. Got the materials for everything. He is always ready and his time punctuality is amazing. In short' one of the best.


João, June 08, 2021 

Great German teacher and very organised! Bert is a friendly teacher, and the best teacher ever met! I feel that my German is growing definitely,


Zulaika, May 27, 2021

Bert is probably the best tutor live ever had! His classes are never boring, but fun, yet extremely informative. The sessions are well planned - Bert really tries to use every minute as effectively as possible. Any question I had was well explained, what I really appreciate!


Orestis, May 25, 2021

Bert pays attention to details that only through experience can be detected. His notice and feedback was more than just interesting. He has exercise-material for all exam parts. He has the experience and the background to deal with the subtle difficulty of many exam parts - His lessons lead to success and good marks!


Parker, May 06, 2021

Great instructor! He provides important understanding of the building blocks of German, beyond just starting with greetings-Verbs and tenses and things that make the language make sense. I definitely recommend him.


Victor, March 12, 2021

Bert is smart, polite and highly skilled tutor, He has materials for absolutely all questions regardless your language level. Lessons are well organized and held in interesting manner, so. the time passes imperceptibly. Highly recommended!


Stephanie, February 12, 2021

Bert is. quite simply. amazing. Not only have I reached my language goals in record time with him, but I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoy our lessons together, and look forward to seeing him each week. In the past, German lessons for me have been a matter of clock-watching, willing them to come to an end; now, I still watch the clock, but I'm silently pleading with it to slow down as I see the minutes fading away. To anyone wanting to learn German in a quick, fun, and interesting way (particularly if you, like me, normally tend to get bored of projects and skill-building activities pretty quickly), I can assure you that booking lessons with Bert is worth every cent, not only for your German language development, but also for the enjoyment factor Of having lessons with him, and crucially, for ensuring that you will enthusiastically want to stick with it. Bert goes above and beyond and sends interesting homework tasks, checks my homework in his own time with really useful and easy-to-understand feedback, and also takes a genuine interest in what is going on with me and my German development. DO yourself a favour and book some regular lessons with Bert - I promise you, you won't be disappointed, To Bert Thank you for being a total rockstar and for helping me to reach this goal of German C1 (even though this review is in English. haha), If l'm 100% honest, I didn't really trust myself to get here, but thanks to you my goals are now firmly in reach. I am super grateful not only to have seen such a drastic improvement in my German, but also to have gotten to know you. You are the best!


Hosna, February 03, 2021

Bert is super organized and puts a lot of effort during the course! He also send a lot of notes and additional material for reading! I highly recommend him.


Olga, January 13, 2021

A good teacher and methodist (has a lot of materials and exercises as well) but also a person with a busy life. We had to postpone 2 lessons in 3 months. If you a ready for this, then go ahead. Otherwise I won't recommend him.


Sachiko, December 16, 2020

He is very friendly and approachable. He has an extremely good talent of making the conversation interessting.


Nadezhda, November 01, 2020 

Bert gives enough challenge and at the same time creates very supportive and safe environment of the lesson, that helps me a lot to advance my german skills, He gives me variety of exercises and learning activities in a structured and entertaining way, and adjusts the content and the flow of the lessons when it is needed.


Hsin-Wen, September 12, 2020

Best tutor I ever had in my life! I really recommend Bert to anyone who seriously want to improve their German!

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